a podcast for entrepreneurs

that has nothing to do with entrepreneurship.

Listen as doers, makers, & creators talk about all of the other parts that make us complete humans.


Who Do You Connect With?

These are human beings. Explore & listen to their stories.


Aisha Sheikh Talks Human

Ben Von Wong Talks Human About Unlimited Range and Stories.

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Mia Birdsong, Talks Human About Tenacity in Different Forms

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Tom Rendell Talks Human About the Spectrum of Creativity & Imagination

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Wayne Sutton Talks Human About Perception, Imagination, & Choice

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Our Reason

We Remind Entrepreneurs About All The Other Parts That Make Us Complete Humans

Most entrepreneurs get to know each other by what we do, our job titles, and our work. Most entrepreneur podcasts focus on origin stories, how-to's, and "why we do what we do."

On Talk Human To Me, entrepreneurs set that aside to talk about what makes us angry & happy. We openly wonder about the universe, what strikes us most about humans, and what we ultimately feel is the point of all of this.

We invite you to listen to conversations with doers, makers, and creators about other fundamental parts of our lives; the personal stories and musings that remind us about all the other parts that make us complete humans.

If you empathize with this, stick around, explore an episode