Mia Birdsong, Human.


Most entrepreneurs...

and colleagues know Mia Birdsong as a tireless champion for all narratives of family and advocate for all spectrum of youth of color. She is Co-Director of Family Story & Co-Founder of Canerow.

However, we just wanted to talk with Mia, the Human.

Mia the Human thinks about the incredible tenacity humans demonstrate in so many forms and situations; that ultimately, maybe we don’t NEED to have a point in life? Just continue to be you and appreciate our tiny spot in the universe.




Talk Human To Me is a podcast for entrepreneurs, that has has nothing to do with entrepreneurship. We remind doers, makers, and creators about all of the other parts that make us a complete human being, like our emotions, hobbies, mental health, philosophy, and how we grew up.

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Photo Credit via New America