Why I Started a Podcast For Entrepreneurs, That Has Nothing To Do With Entrepreneurship

"Hi, I'm Jeff Shiau. What do you do?"

- the standard San Francisco introduction.

In Fall 2008 at a Downtown San Francisco convention center, I walked into a great conference hall bright eyed, ready to network, pitch ideas, find key connections. Music blasted from the big stage. Everybody exchanged conversations around the next big idea. The who's who of tech were all present.

I networked & pitched ideas like my personal worth depended on it.

For the next 5 years, with every person I met, my mind would subconsciously organize their job titles, role, and how mutual value could be created.

Then, I hit rock bottom in 2015.

During this time, I barely held onto the last wrung of Maslow's Hierarchy. I didn't have an appetite. I barely slept. I couldn't hold a job. I couldn't partake in projects. I felt mentally absent, uncreative, unproductive. I thought I lost my personal worth and could no longer provide mutual value. Most professional connections I amassed through Linkedin slowly fell out of touch.

But some people I connected with personally through the years stuck around. They didn't care that I didn't have a job. They didn't care that I wasn't working on a big idea.

These were deep, real relationships.

Some had CEO, Founder, Vice President attached to their names. Some had successfully exited more than 2 companies. Incredible success journeys filled their backstory.

None of that mattered at this time. Other parts mattered, parts that made these humans whole.

What mattered to me shifted and became clear.

This clarity started my new journey

While home-ridden, I saw a microphone for sale on Amazon, and decided to record conversations with these entrepreneurs I admired. The kicker was, I didn’t want to talk about anything to do with entrepreneurship. I wanted to hear more deeply about their other dimensions and thoughts as human beings.

I wanted to share these conversations with other fast-paced entrepreneurs who too often set their personal stories in the background, almost as if it devalued their ability as successful entrepreneurs, when in fact, it completed their complex dimensions as humans.

I needed to share these conversations with entrepreneurs that had nothing to do with entrepreneurship.

Now It's Finally Here

that's me!

that's me!

I’m excited to take the leap with a new type of entrepreneur podcast, Talk Human To Me, and I can’t wait for you to check it out.

2 episodes premiere with this announcement: Konda Mason and Jesse Sleamaker; two incredible founders and entrepreneurs in their own right. Both include full transcriptions of their interviews. Over the next 10 days, I will also republish older original episodes with full transcriptions.

Every Monday after, I will release a brand new episode on this website and listings like iTunes, Google Play, and Stitcher.

I hope Talk Human To Me can help entrepreneurs equally value who they are as complete human beings along with what they do. Also, to not take themselves so damn seriously - after all, we’re all just stardust. Now, please enjoy the new episodes below!

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