Celebrating Our First 1,000 Podcast Downloads: Appreciation and Learnings


One month ago, if someone told me I would reach 500 podcast downloads by the end of the month, I would have said, “Thanks for the confidence, homie. However, I’m expecting no more than 100.”

Well, today, I’m celebrating my first 1,000 podcast downloads, and counting!

When I started the Talk Human To Me podcast, I was only sure about one thing: that I’m lucky to have supportive and encouraging humans around me. I had zero f*cking clue what I was doing, and still have no clue. That doesn’t make me scared though. It makes me smile. It makes my mind spin with colors, ideas, and joy. Sometimes I don’t sleep well, which I’m trying to adjust; more meditation and exercise perhaps?  

Experiences with my own wellness make me so passionate about continuing this podcast to remind entrepreneurs that they are entrepreHUMANS >> #entreprehumans (-:

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This month, I hope to share these conversations with more doers, makers, and creators.

Do you know an entrepreneur that needs a break? Do you know doers who have burned out? Do you know makers that need to reset? Do you know creators that need some inspiration? Please share the #entreprehuman stories of Talk Human To Me with them. They may have empathy for one of the episodes from their own personal experiences. Please help me Share on FacebookShare on Linkedin, or Share on Twitter!

I will share all of my learnings across 3 separate posts.

I'm a complete newbie to podcasting; I have years and miles ahead to hone the direction and quality of these audio narratives. Up to now, I've made so many mistakes (A LOT), and I want to share those with you, so that you can learn from them in your own audio storytelling journey.

This IS NOT an expert's guide to starting a podcast; it's learnings from the point of a view of a beginner (me), and suggestions on how you can easily get started. 

This guide will be useful for you, if you:

  1. Feel like you have something to say or a story to weave.
  2. Have very strapped time & cash.
  3. Have a very basic understanding of how to navigate browser windows and applications.
  4. Want to keep technical stuff down to a minimum, including advanced design and coding.

These are the topics I will cover:

  1. Basic Equipment & Software
  2. Recording & Editing
  3. Storage & Distribution
  4. Other Stuff, Like Music

These guides serve One purpose: to get you started and consistently releasing episodes, because that will be hardest challenge to overcome.

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I want to recognize and thank particular humans:

These are entreprehumans behind the currently published stories, and how they have inspired me personally:

Roe Cummings: You inspire better listening and intention. 

Eugene Chan: You inspire better care for humans around us. 

Penelope Douglas: You inspire immense grace and wisdom.

Kate Spacek: You inspire unique differences and joy.

Liam Dean: You inspire undiscovered creativity and originality.

Konda Mason: You inspire deep wellness and profound reflection.

Jesse Sleamaker: You inspire whole intention and sincere thoughtfulness. 

Damian Madray: You inspire infinite curiosity and exploration.

Molly Hayward: You inspire positive vulnerability and preserving integrity

Christine Lai: You inspire deep connection and constant service to others

Lily Gangas: You inspire fighting for justice and expressing more love.

Angie Hilem: You inspire embracing our stories, realities, and finding humor in everything. 

A HUGE thank you to all of the entreprehumans who have recorded or scheduled to record with me (-: I can’t wait for people to hear your episodes as they come out.

A shout out to Scott McArthur for helping me transcribe the episodes, so people can also read in addition to listen. You are a great hire for anybody!

A huge thank you to Subodh Kolla, who has supported and encouraged me to keep creating from the very beginning, and help me with his tremendous photography.

My Mentors

I’ve have asked for so many hours from you, often times with no clear agenda or intention, and you continued to believe in me and guide me. Your wisdom exists deeply in me; I promise to responsibly nourish it, and to constantly share it with others.


My mom, dad, sister, and my friends (my extended family) - You have all experienced probably every positive and negative human emotion and erratic behavior from me; you’ve helped encourage more of it, helped me control and temper some of it (sometimes with a solid curse out, haha). You keep me grounded. I Love You!

That's it! Thanks for celebrating with me. Listen to another episode!