Aisha Sheikh, Human.

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Most entrepreneurs...

...know Aisha Sheikh as a Singularity Global Solutions Program Fellow & Ventures Incubator participant, Stanford ChangeLabs Senior Designer & Strategist, and Design Elective Teacher at The Nueva School.

However, all of that went out the window, and we just wanted to talk with Aisha, the human.

Aisha the Human thinks about things like the unpredictability and constantly evolving identities of humans, how "where they've come from, what they're doing today, it doesn't mean anything about what could happen in the future for them. "


Ep. Clip: "What About Humans Strikes You The Most?"


Ep. Clip: Aisha Sheikh Talks About Being Put in a Box


Ep. Clip: "Ultimately, What's the Point of All of This?"


Talk Human To Me is a podcast for entrepreneurs, that has has nothing to do with entrepreneurship. We remind doers, makers, and creators about all of the other parts that make us a complete human being, like our emotions, hobbies, mental health, philosophy, and how we grew up.

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Photo Credit via Aisha Sheikh